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Coach Canada, The Ambassador Hotel along with the Greater Kingston Junior Frontenacs will be hosting our  Annual “AAA” Tournament at the Invista Centre from Friday, January 10th to Sunday, January 12th, 2014.

The Limestone City Cup will have 8 to 12 teams in each division (Major Atom, Minor Peewee and Major Peewee).  Space is limited, please register your team ASAP to ensure your participation.   

Entry fee for the Limestone City Cup is: $1250.00 CDN and there is NO gate fee for parents and relatives.

Entry fee includes: 4 Game Guarantee

 In order for your team to become eligible for acceptance, please complete:

                        i.         Tournament application form

                       ii.         Enclose tournament entry fee

Registration Deadline: November 4, 2013

Teams will be notified by email of their acceptance in the Limestone City Cup. Tournament rules, scheduled games and hotel information will be forwarded to the selected teams.

Applications submitted without the tournament entry fee will not be considered.

All tournament entry fee cheques must be made payable to:

“Greater Kingston Hockey Association” c/o Tournament Chair

   1350 Gardiners Road, Kingston, Ontario, K7P 0E6 

All inquires must be made by email to or



Major Atom '03
Minor PeeWee '02
Major PeeWee '01
All Divisions: 10-15-15
Three (3) minute warm-up
There will be a flood at the beginning of the games ONLY (no floods during the games)
In the event of a five (5) goal differential with ten (10) minutes remaining in the game, running time will start and will continue until the game ends.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to start any game up to fifteen (15) minutes prior to the original start time of the game.
We ask that each team arrive on time and be ready to play early if required.
It is preferable that all teams have two (2) contrasting colours of sweaters for home and away.  The home team is white or the lightest colour and the away team is black or the darkest colour.  Home and away is dictated by the Preliminary Round schedule and in the Championship Game the home team will be determined by the team with the best record in the Preliminary Round.

At the Atom age group:
There are ten (10) teams in the tournament.  The ten (10) teams will be divided into two (2) Groups of five (5) teams.  Each team will play against all other teams within their respective Group in the Preliminary Round.  The top two (2) teams of each Group will advance to the Semi Finals. 
In the semi-final playoff round, the team that Ranked #1 in Group A will play against the team that Ranked #2 in Group B and the team that Ranked #1 in Group B will play against the team that Ranked #2 in Group A.
The two winning teams from the semi-finals will meet in the finals to determine the tournament winner.

At the Minor and Major Peewee age groups:
Each age group consists of nine (9) teams and each team will play four games in the Preliminary Round.  The top four (4) teams in each age group will advance to the Semi Finals.
In the semi-finals playoff round, the team that Ranked #1 will play against the team that Ranked #4 while the team that Ranked #2 will play against the team that Ranked #3.
The two winning teams from the semi-finals will meet in the finals to determine the tournament winner.

Points will be awarded based on the entire game outcome.
Two (2) points for a win, One (1) point for a tie, no points for a loss.

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time of a Preliminary Round game, the game will remain tied and each team will be awarded one (1) point.
A tie at the end of regulation time of a Championship Game will result in a five (5) minute stop time sudden victory period played with three (3) skaters aside.  Penalties incurred during regulation time will be carried forward into overtime.  No fewer that three (3) skaters shall be on the ice for each team.  In the event of a penalty in overtime the non-penalized team will add a player.  The penalized team’s player shall go to the penalty box and return to the ice when the penalty is over.  On the next whistle the teams will resume 3-3 play.
If the game is still tied after five (5) minutes of overtime then a three man best-of-three alternative shootout will occur.  If after the first shootout the game is still tied then a sudden victory shootout will commence from the teams remaining players.  Each coach will provide a list of the three (3) starting shooters prior to the start of the shootout.  No player may shoot twice until all the players (with exception of the goaltenders) have had a turn.
Ties in the standings at the end of the Preliminary Round will be broken using the following rules in the order listed:
a)      The greatest number of wins.
b)      The least number of losses.
c)      The best differential of goals for - goals against (using a maximum of 5 goals differential per game).
d)      The least goals against.
e)      The most goals for (using a maximum of 5 goals differential per game).
f)       The result of the first games played head to head by the tied team (if they played one another).
g)      The first goal scored during the round robin (fastest goal).
h)      The team with the least penalty minutes in the preliminary round.
i)        If still tied the CHAIRMAN shall decide the winner
NOTE:  a default game is considered a game played (goal differential will be pro-rated for "c", "d" & "e").

The rules and regulations of Hockey Canada and the OMHA shall govern the Limestone City Cup Tournament, except the supplemental herein.
Each team can register and play a maximum of nineteen (19) players including two (2) goaltenders and need to dress a minimum of twelve (12) players.
All teams must submit an approved copy of their roster prior to the first game of the tournament.
All teams outside the OMHA will be required to present a valid travel permit prior to their first game.
Each team may use affiliated players provided they are registered on the initial team list of nineteen (19) players submitted prior to the first game.
No player may play for two (2) teams in the tournament.
Any team found with ineligible players participating in a game will forfeit that game and any other games in which these players participated.
All games in each age group will have a two or three man system.
There will NOT be any timeouts during Round Robin play.
Each team will be allowed a single thirty (30) second time-out in any Final and Championship games.
     As per OMHA rules, body Checking will NOT be permitted in any age groups.
If any player receives a major penalty for fighting, or other major infraction that carries an automatic game misconduct, the player shall receive a suspension consistent with the mandatory suspension as prescribed by the Rules and Regulations of the OMHA.
Any player or team official that uses offensive language or gestures towards any and all Tournament Committee members may be removed from a portion of the remainder of the Tournament.
There shall be no protests.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make all decisions; decisions including the interpretation of the tournament rules and any changes required in Round Robin play.  We, the Tournament Committee reserve the right to rule on terms not previously covered.


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