Schedule & Results, Taylor Hall Cup Classic, 2018-2019 (Greater Kingston AAA Hockey)

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Friday, January 11, 2019
Scott Harr18:00 AMFL Pad Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2009 1-3Peterborough Petes 2009
Alyn McCau28:00 AMHH Kingston Frontenacs 2008 7-3Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2008
Alyn McCau38:30 AMSWISH Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2008 2-1Seaway Valley Rapids 2008
Scott Harr48:30 AMGY Kingston Frontenacs 2009 2-2Burlington Eagles 2009
Scott Harr58:30 AMSEL North Central Predators 1-8Toronto Young Nationals
Scott Harr69:30 AMHH Halton Hurricanes 4-5Seaway Valley Rapids 2009
Jay McKee79:30 AMFL Pad Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2007 0-4Kingston Frontenacs 2007
Jay McKee1010:00 AMSWISH Seaway Valley Rapids 2007 3-1Burlington Eagles 2007
Alyn McCau810:00 AMSEL Eastern Ontario Cobras 2-0Quinte Red Devils
Alyn McCau910:00 AMGY Cumberland Grads 1-4Kanata Blazers
Jay McKee1111:00 AMHH Oshawa Generals 1-1Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2007
Mike Smith1211:00 AMFL Pad Eastern Ontario Wild 7-1Kingston Frontenacs 2006
Jay McKee1311:30 AMGY Grey Bruce Highlanders 1-4Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
Mike Smith1411:30 AMSWISH Gatineau Intrepide 7-2Chatham Cyclones
Mike Smith1511:30 AMSEL Waterloo Wolves 2006 3-5Ottawa Myers
Alyn McCau1612:30 PMHH Waterloo Wolves 2008 1-1Kingston Frontenacs 2008
Mike Smith1712:30 PMFL Pad Guelph Gryphons 2006 0-4Peterborough Petes 2006
Scott Harr181:00 PMSEL Burlington Eagles 2009 2-1Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2009
Alyn McCau191:00 PMGY Ajax Pickering Raiders 1-2Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2008
Scott Harr201:00 PMSWISH Peterborough Petes 2009 5-4Syracuse Nationals
Scott Harr212:00 PMHH Seaway Valley Rapids 2009 8-4North Central Predators
Alyn McCau222:30 PMSWISH Nepean Raiders 3-1Cumberland Grads
Alyn McCau232:30 PMSEL Kanata Blazers 3-4Eastern Ontario Cobras
Scott Harr242:30 PMGY Toronto Young Nationals 5-4Guelph Gryphons 2009
Jay McKee253:30 PMHH Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2007 4-4Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2007
Jay McKee264:00 PMSWISH Kingston Frontenacs 2007 3-0Oshawa Generals
Jay McKee274:00 PMSEL Burlington Eagles 2007 0-0Grey Bruce Highlanders
Jay McKee284:00 PMGY Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 2-4Seaway Valley Rapids 2007
Alyn McCau295:00 PMHH Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2008 2-6Waterloo Wolves 2008
Mike Smith305:00 PMFL Pad Chatham Cyclones 1-3Guelph Gryphons 2006
Alyn McCau315:30 PMGY Quinte Red Devils 3-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
Mike Smith325:30 PMSWISH Kingston Frontenacs 2006 3-3Waterloo Wolves 2006
Mike Smith335:30 PMSEL Ottawa Myers 4-0Eastern Ontario Wild
Scott Harr346:30 PMFL Pad Syracuse Nationals 5-5Kingston Frontenacs 2009
Alyn McCau357:00 PMSWISH Seaway Valley Rapids 2008 2-3Nepean Raiders
Scott Harr367:00 PMSEL Guelph Gryphons 2009 7-4Halton Hurricanes
Mike Smith378:00 PMFL Pad Peterborough Petes 2006 1-4Gatineau Intrepide
Saturday, January 12, 2019
Alyn McCau388:00 AMGY Nepean Raiders 5-2Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2008
Scott Harr398:00 AMFL Pad Toronto Young Nationals 9-4Seaway Valley Rapids 2009
Alyn McCau408:30 AMSWISH Kanata Blazers 4-2Quinte Red Devils
Alyn McCau418:30 AMSEL Waterloo Wolves 2008 7-1Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2008
Scott Harr428:30 AMHH Burlington Eagles 2009 2-2Peterborough Petes 2009
Scott Harr439:30 AMGY Kingston Frontenacs 2009 2-3Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2009
Jay McKee449:30 AMFL Pad Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 3-1Oshawa Generals
Scott Harr4510:00 AMSEL North Central Predators 0-6Halton Hurricanes
Alyn McCau4610:00 AMHH Seaway Valley Rapids 2008 3-0Ajax Pickering Raiders
Jay McKee4710:00 AMSWISH Grey Bruce Highlanders 2-4Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2007
Jay McKee4811:00 AMGY Seaway Valley Rapids 2007 1-0Kingston Frontenacs 2007
Mike Smith4911:00 AMFL Pad Peterborough Petes 2006 2-4Waterloo Wolves 2006
Jay McKee5011:30 AMHH Burlington Eagles 2007 5-1Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2007
Mike Smith5111:30 AMSWISH Guelph Gryphons 2006 1-4Ottawa Myers
Mike Smith5211:30 AMSEL Chatham Cyclones 3-5Eastern Ontario Wild
Alyn McCau5312:30 PMGY Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2008 5-0Cumberland Grads
Mike Smith5412:30 PMFL Pad Gatineau Intrepide 2-4Kingston Frontenacs 2006
Alyn McCau551:00 PMSEL Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2008 4-1Kingston Frontenacs 2008
Scott Harr561:00 PMSWISH Seaway Valley Rapids 2009 4-2Guelph Gryphons 2009
Scott Harr571:00 PMHH Syracuse Nationals 4-2Burlington Eagles 2009
Alyn McCau582:00 PMFL Pad Quinte Red Devils 2-0Nepean Raiders
Alyn McCau592:30 PMSWISH Eastern Ontario Cobras 4-5Seaway Valley Rapids 2008
Scott Harr602:30 PMSEL Halton Hurricanes 4-3Toronto Young Nationals
Scott Harr612:30 PMGY Peterborough Petes 2009 6-3Kingston Frontenacs 2009
Jay McKee623:30 PMFL Pad Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2007 4-3Seaway Valley Rapids 2007
Jay McKee634:00 PMSWISH Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 2007 3-4Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
Jay McKee644:00 PMSEL Kingston Frontenacs 2007 7-1Grey Bruce Highlanders
Jay McKee654:00 PMGY Oshawa Generals 1-7Burlington Eagles 2007
Mike Smith665:00 PMFL Pad Eastern Ontario Wild 3-2Peterborough Petes 2006
Alyn McCau675:30 PMGY Kingston Frontenacs 2008 0-2Kanata Blazers
Scott Harr685:30 PMSWISH Guelph Gryphons 2009 5-3North Central Predators
Mike Smith695:30 PMSEL Kingston Frontenacs 2006 6-2Guelph Gryphons 2006
Alyn McCau706:30 PMFL Pad Cumberland Grads 1-7Waterloo Wolves 2008
Alyn McCau717:00 PMSWISH Ajax Pickering Raiders 1-1Eastern Ontario Cobras
Scott Harr727:00 PMGY Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2009 2-4Syracuse Nationals
Mike Smith737:00 PMSEL Ottawa Myers 3-2Gatineau Intrepide
Mike Smith748:00 PMFL Pad Waterloo Wolves 2006 6-1Chatham Cyclones
Sunday, January 13, 2019
Minor Atom758:00 AMFL Pad Syracuse Nationals 4-7Peterborough Petes 2009
Major Atom768:30 AMSWISH Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2008 1-4Waterloo Wolves 2008
Minor Atom778:30 AMSEL Seaway Valley Rapids 2009 2-0Toronto Young Nationals
Major Atom789:00 AMTrans Nepean Raiders 0-2Kanata Blazers
Minor Peew799:30 AMFL Pad Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 2007 1-5Kingston Frontenacs 2007
Minor Peew8010:00 AMSEL Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 1-6Seaway Valley Rapids 2007
Major Peew8110:00 AMSWISH Kingston Frontenacs 2006 1-2Ottawa Myers
Major Peew8211:00 AMFL Pad Waterloo Wolves 2006 3-5Eastern Ontario Wild
Minor Atom831:00 PMFL Pad Seaway Valley Rapids 2009 7-3Peterborough Petes 2009
Major Atom841:30 PMSWISH Kanata Blazers 1-3Waterloo Wolves 2008
Minor Peew852:30 PMFL Pad Seaway Valley Rapids 2007 4-3Kingston Frontenacs 2007
Major Peew863:30 PMSWISH Eastern Ontario Wild 1-2Ottawa Myers
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