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Apr 29, 2024 | Allan Heyman | 1080 views
Equipment and Clothing Fitting Night




On Wednesday May15th, we will host a fitting night at the Invista Centre in Kingston in a Meeting Room by the North Entrance. 
Concurrently, we will also hold our team meetings in the adjacent room at the Invista Center 

Attendance of players and a parent/guardian is mandatory.  Here is the schedule for teams:


Time Slot   Fitting Team Meeting     

6:00-6:30    U10        U11                

6:30-7:00    U11        U10                

7:00-7:30    U12        U13                

7:30-8:00    U13        U12                

8:00-8:30    U15        U14               

8:30-9:00    U14        U15               

9:00-9:30    U16 Both will be in the same room. Team meeting will start once fittings are complete  


As we are fitting pant shells and jerseys you should bring you shoulder pads and pants.  Goalies should be their chest protector and pants.  For returning players, if your jersey and other items still fit, then you are fine there.  You will just need to size for the pant shell.



$135.00 + HST ---  KOBE Player jersey fully done with name bar.    

$110.00 + HST ---  KOBE Player jersey fully done NO name bar.    

$129.98 + HST ---  KOBE Player track suit fully done.     

$  50.00 + HST ---  KOBE Player track suit pants only, fully done.   

$  79.98 + HST ---  KOBE Player track suit jacket only, fully done.   

$  25.00 + HST ---  Player Name Bar Only.


Gear included with your 2024-25 Registration Fee:

  • 1 home and 1 away player game sock pairs.  Extra player socks are $35.00+HST per pair.
  • 1 GK player pant shell. 
  • Jr Q and player # helmet stickers. These will be handed out once the season starts in August. 


As part of your registration fee a GK Pant Shell is included.  The Board has opted to move to a uniform pant shell this season so that we have a consistent look.  After this initial season as a player requires a new pant shell, they will need to purchase this at their own expense.


Mostly New Jerseys for sale

We have many sets of HOME + AWAY game jerseys available for sale at $50 each and NO taxes. Some of these jerseys have never been worn or have been used a few times as APs.  They are all in great shape.  They will be on display at the sizing night.  Just advise the sizing team if you want to purchase a set.



# Set Available

Youth Medium

8, 8, 17, 21, 22

Y Large


Y X-Large


Mens Small


Mens Medium


Mens Large

4, 9,22,24

Mens X-Large



Helmets and Gloves

Families are free to purchase any brand for gloves and helmets, at the store of your choice.  You just need a dark NAVY blue, not KAMHA Royal Blue color.


Sponsor Bars

Jersey sponsors bars are arranged by your team and paid in player team fee.

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