Fundraising (Greater Kingston AAA Hockey)


GK Fundraising

As a family of the GK organization, fundraising is an integral component of our membership.  These funds are used to purchase valuable ice time for the players, from all levels of the GK Organization. Along with that comes offset costs for Busing, tryout uniforms, just to name a few.  With the valuable partnerships we have between Treasure Chest Bingo, and the Kingston Frontenacs organization, we have the ability as families, to meet our mandatory fundraising efforts, while helping in our community. 

As a parent /guardian/family member/ or friend of and active player, your efforts will earn you $75.00 credit toward your registration for either a four hour shift of Bingo, or working 50/50 event during a Kingston Frontenac’s game.

Staffing 50/50 for Frontenacs Games

Staffing for the Frontenac games are distributed to our organization as per a set schedule by the Frontenacs organization.  These games will be distributed amongst the organizations teams as fairly and equitable as possible.  The Following link provides you with an outline of regulations while staffing the 50/50’s.

Workers rules: 2018_runner_rules.pdf

Frontenac’s rules and Regulations: Greater_Kingston_Frontenac_s_5050_rules.pdf

Questions regarding 50/50 please contact Director of Fundraising Shelleen Lamoureux                             [email protected]



Our Partnership with Treasure Chest Bingo allows GK to maintain an active list of up to 20 volunteers on a Bonafide list, with the ability to staff these bingo’s.  To be on the active list, you must attend a Treasure Chest Bingo certified training session, this session is designed to ensure all volunteers are in-line with the OLG regulations.

 GK Rules and Regulations: GK_Bingo_Rules.pdf

Treasure Chest Bingo Rules and Regulations: 

GK initiatives identified here are organization responsibilities and are separate from the team fundraising initiatives which may be in addition to these responsibilities.


If you have a fundraising idea? GK would like to hear it!! Please submit it to [email protected]