S Godin, Roster, U13 (Greater Kingston AAA Hockey)

Player Profile
S Godin Photo
#31 S Godin
Position(s): Goalie
Born: 2010
  • Bio
    Activities: Soccer, cross-country, track and field, homework, cooking
    Pregame Ritual: Before arriving at the rink, I do a pre-game visualization and eat a banana. At the rink, I juggle, foam roll, and do a dynamic warmup and stretching
    Future plans: I would like to play in the NHL, but if I don't make it I would like to be a veterinarian
    Who is someone you admire? And why? Carey Price, because he is very technical and calm under pressure, and he has persevered through injuries
    Outside of hockey, is there someone you admire? And why? My parents, because they sacrifice all their time and money on their 3 boys (including me!) so that we can play the sports we want and so that we can eat healthy
    What are you happiest doing, when you’re not playing sports? I love visiting my family in Montreal and playing with my friends
    What is your favorite song/band to listen to prior to competing? AC/DC, Eminem, and The Script before my games
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