Summer Time (Greater Kingston AAA Hockey)

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Summer time is here!  Time to enjoy nice weather, time off and new adventures.
Here are resources and links to help you get the most out of your summer:

downtown-kingston-waterfront-boats.jpgKeep eating healthy!
Canadian Hockey Moms - Recipes for Hockey moms
Kraft Canada - Nutrition Guide
Sports Dietitians of Australia - Recipes
Canadian Sport Institute - Recipes
Eat Right Ontario
Peak Performance - Power Fuel
Dietitians of Canada
Kraft Canada - Hockey Family Dinner
SportsMedBC - Fueling Your Hockey Billet
OMHA - Breakfast of Champions
OMHA - Fast and Easy Pregame Meals
OMHA - Shake Recipes
Coach Association of Canada - Sports Nutrition
Coach Association of Canada - Tournament Tips
Coach Association of Canada - Hockey Nutrition for Champions
Coach Association of Canada - Nutrition for Ice Times
Gatorade Sports Science Institute - General
Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Sports Nutrition

Play different sports!

Ball Hockey                                                Football                                                     Lacrosse
KMBHL_logo.jpg nlflNT_D.jpg             Thousand-Island-Minor-Football-League.png gmenlogobevel150.jpg                7559.gif

Soccer                                                                                                               Ultimate Frisbee
KUSC.png img_4158.jpg kingston_sc_-_design_5c_small.jpg Pegasus-150x150.jpg                         Logo-Team-Canada-Ultimate.jpg

hmimage-U4772-LEAG2-RND200972118121.gif Tzr3W89p_400x400.jpg gksa_logo.jpg

Discover the country!

Go camping!                                                                              
Go on the water!
UIsNA4R7.jpg logo.png            

Play unorganized sports!

Do something different!
content_logo.jpg  logo-parks-default.png

Enjoy the beach!

Train off the ice!
Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Athlete Health and Well-Being
Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Training and Performance

Find alternative trainings!

Take time off!

(If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with us at [email protected])